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Buy Local – McKinney First! is a local economic development initiative of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the McKinney Community Development Corporation and the City of McKinney. The program’s goal is to strengthen our local economy through increased business-to-business purchasing. If every business in McKinney shifted just 5% of their out-of-area spending, the change would result in more than $100 million for our community.

Imagine the power of that money re-circulating in our community … new jobs, business expansion, improved public services, streets, parks and schools and new startup businesses based on locally identified needs. Take a few minutes to evaluate your organization’s spending, and let us help you find ways to make a change. Just 5% makes a difference!

Shift product purchases.

Shift product purchases to a local vendor. Need help finding a supplier? Call the Chamber at 972-542-0163 or send an e-mail message to info@mckinneychamber.com.

Shift service purchases.

Shift services such as banking, legal, accounting, 401k management, Web site development and hosting public relations and advertising services, and much more! You’ll be surprised at the wealth of talented local suppliers!

Shift the obvious.

Consumables like office cleaning supplies, printed materials and ad specialties are readily available locally and can be delivered to your door – often without the extra shipping costs!

Shift the subtle.

Shift your company credit card or gas card to a local institution. Easy enough!

Shift the unique.

What’s unique in your business that you could buy locally? We’re here to help you find it! Call the office at 972-542-0163 or send an e-mail message to info@mckinneychamber.com. Take the first step and sign the pledge form!

Get a Quote.

Need a quote on goods or services from a local chamber member? Try our Business Connect service. From the Chamber website, go to Business Directory, then click on Request for Proposal. Simply complete the web form and request for a quote will be sent to all our members who fit your criteria.

Click here to view a list of Buy Local – McKinney First! participants. You can also search for goods and services from local companies by conducting a keyword search in our Business Directory on the Chamber website mckinneychamber.com.

Take the Buy Local – McKinney First Pledge by filling out the form below.

CLICK HERE to download the Pledge Form (pdf).